A dog’s weird fascination for eating snow is unmatchable

We all have our own fascination for various things in life. Most importantly, our major fascination is usually for food. Imagine the condition of animals, who already have a different food habit and make us wonder what they feel like consuming them. Among the questions that keep arising, the most common one is why dogs like to eat snow? if you think well, this is not very uncommon to humans, for we tend to eat ice cream and rice-based food. At times, we even suck on a Popsicle or an ice cube. Therefore, when a dog’s fascination is heard of, it is quite surprising for many to see dogs eat them.

If you are a dog parent you probably know they love to eat chilled food. However, if you have ever taken him to a snow-clad mountain or a snowy place, you will be left spellbound seeing your dog’s reaction to snow. They absolutely love snow, and in most occasions, they tend to jump right in and start chewing them. Yes, they just love to eat snow. Many find it amusing and do not really know the reason behind it. But think hard, why snow? Why would a dog eat snow out of everything? Also, why do they get so happy and psychotic when they see snow? Well, allow us to brief you about their love for snow.

  • Dogs Natural Instinct

It is well known that the canine ancestors had to survive under abnormal optimal conditions. It was not as easy as it is now. These animals needed a source of water when the rivers and other water sources like streams and ponds froze. The only way to avail of fresh water was eating snow that allowed them to stay hydrated during the winter season. This basic instinct in inbuilt in dogs, it comes naturally to them. Therefore, when they see snow, their natural instinct kicks in and they jump right into it.

  • Illness or disease

There are many conditions which lead to excessive thirst in dogs and cause severe dehydration. This condition is known as Polydipsia, both humans and animals suffer from it. Well, dogs tend to suffer a lot when it comes to thirst. Also, polydipsia in animals, especially dogs mean they have other illnesses. The condition shows various signs of other serious illnesses like Cushing syndrome, thyroid, kidney failure, diabetes, etc. Therefore, when they find snow, they tend to consume it to curb their thirst. Also, it helps in dehydration during the winter season.

  • Animal curiosity

Dogs are curious creatures. They have a fascination for things that they are not habituated to, unlike other animals that prefer maintaining a distance. However, when dogs first see snow, their curiosity pushes them to jump right in and cherish every moment deducing what this cold, soft and white thing actually are.

Well, there you have your answer to why dogs love to eat snow. Next time, unleash your dog and watch them play with nature and enjoy every moment in the snow. Whether they eat, play or stuff their head into a heap of snow, they have pure love for it.

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